(Scholarship applications are for an individual child living in the State of Ohio)

Special Kids Therapy is proud to offer scholarships to financially support children with special health needs and their families with the cost of non-traditional therapies or activities that are not covered by insurance. We encourage all families, regardless of financial status, to apply for our special needs scholarship. Our scholarships would not be possible without the donations of our friends and supporters.


Scholarships are not intended for everyday medical expenses, medical needs, insurance premiums, prescription costs, or schooling. They are intended for outside experiences and activities that enrich the life of the child.


Examples of activities which have frequently been awarded scholarship funds include:
Horseback riding, animal therapies, water therapy, art therapy, dance, music therapy, ice skating, equipment for inclusion in daily living, summer day camps, summer overnight camps, yoga, karate, massage, reflexology, listening programs.


Before completing the online Scholarship application, please gather the following:

  • In order to be considered complete, each scholarship must include:
    • Statement from child’s physician
    • Denial from insurance
    • Copy of insurance cards
    • Acceptance and Invoice from provider
    • Denials from other organizations helpful but not required
    • Completed application with parent/guardian signature


Guidelines for Scholarship Application:
  • Applications must be complete.
  • ***Families applying for iPads or tablets must complete an iPad and Apps Training Course provided at no cost at SKT’s Office in Findlay, Ohio in order to receive a device.  Training will include device set-up, an Apps Consultation, and App Training.  SKT will offer a minimum of three (3) training opportunities per Quarter.  If your schedule does not permit for attending one of the scheduled training sessions, you may have to wait until the next quarter.
  • Applications must be received at least two weeks prior to each Quarterly Scholarship Review Date.  (2015 dates: 02/28/2015, 05/31/2015, 08/31/2015, 11/30/2015)
  • Decisions will be made within 45 days of the Quarterly Scholarship Review Dates.  Please do not contact the office prior to 45 days.
  • Applications will be accepted without regard to race, national origin, ethnic background, sex or religion.
  • The child must be diagnosed as physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled and meet all criteria to be considered.
  • Scholarship awards will be made only to service providers or the vendor/organization that employs the provider
  • Scholarships are awarded for the benefit of the individual applicant NOT to the service provider and can only be used for the benefit of the individual applicant.
  • SKT will consider applications based on merit and the availability of funds.



(Grant applications are for Organizations only)

Application Deadlines:

  • Feburary 28
  • May 31
  • August 31
  • November 30

Guidelines for Grant Application:

  • SKT grants are available to any individual or group working with Children With Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) in Ohio supporting the mission of SKT.
  • Demonstrate intent to use the learning experience or equipment for the betterment of CSHCN and their families in the State of Ohio.
  • First priority is given to Non-profit organizations/ schools whose proposed program/equipment purchase positively affects the greatest number of CSHCN.
  • Grants are not funded retroactively. Funds are for future disbursement only.
  • Grants are not awarded for personal gain.
  • Grant requests must be specific in nature.
  • Grants are not awarded for annual continuing education training.
  • Applications for grant money will not exceed $1,000 per year per application.
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of Support from Project Leader or Coordinating Orgainzation Leader
  • Original copy of grant application with orginial signatures
  • Support material (if necessary)
  • Expense breakdown


Online Grant Application | or Download the PDF.

SKT Certified Financial Statement 2012