SKT Future Goals

Ongoing Goals:

  • Regularize and strengthen fundraising opportunities
  • Search out and apply for all appropriate grant opportunities.
  • Constantly evaluate SKT services as well as scholarship and grant funding offered in order to maximize efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Create key alliances with social organizations, businesses, health care organizations and local governmental units.
  • Create key alliances with other agencies serving special needs community.
  • Strengthen record keeping to insure SKT is within all legal guidelines and that a corporate memory is created.

Goal Area
Short Term
Mid Term
Long Term
Scholarships* and Grants*  $30K per year
Hancock County for Northwest Ohio 
$40-45K per Year in
Hancock and Other Northwest Counties for Northwest Ohio extending outwards 
$50-75K per Year in Northwest Ohio, Central Ohio, and Southwest Ohio for the State of Ohio 
Multi-Sensory Play Room  Hancock County opening in Lucas County with additional equipment in Hancock County based upon experience  1 other Play room targeting Columbus area/ Cincinnati and or Cleveland area   Total of 4 playrooms throughout Ohio 
Special Kids Foundation
(To create viability   and sustainability for SKT in its mission to serve the special needs community.) 
Start the Foundation as a directed endowment fund   under the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Goal for the first year $10,000 (On hold pending disposition of old Building or receipt of significant donation.)  Increase Foundation Assets and create PR campaign designed to boost the effort.No funding from the foundation.  First funding from the foundation targeted for 2021 unless goal of $500k is met earlier. Goal of $100k by 2016. 
SKT Chapters  Hancock  Expand to Lucas with exploration in Columbus, Cincinnati and or Cleveland   Total of 4 SKT chapters in the State with home headquarters in Hancock County 
SKT in a Box*  Begin construction of the kit with preliminary production in  6/2013  Available by 2015 for any requesting entity in any state. 
League of Small Businesses  Develop low entry opportunity for multiple small businesses to express support for special needs community  Leverage support of small business community into opportunities for future grants.